Hello, world

by Anna at 2022-08-09 23:57:36 +0000

license: CC BY-SA 4.0

hi! this is my first blog post… ever.

the idea here is to talk about things i’m working on. i have a lot of various projects that i never really share with anyone, so this might be a good way to start doing that.

updating this website to add this blog section has been mildly infuriating. the entire ruby ecosystem for web stuff rose and fell with the dhh/rails hype cycle, and nothing has really moved since 2015. this website is built with jekyll, which is a really nice static page generator, but no one does anything interesting with it, and third-party plugins, including the one for the templating language i used to write it, are mostly abandoned and break with new enough versions of the tool.

in general, writing things in ruby is a mixed bag. it’s the programming language i’m most fluent in, by far, and it has some of the cleanest design i’ve ever seen. i think it’s one of the only nicely designed OOP languages. but due to said rails hype cycle issue, there’s not really much of a community around it anymore. all the discussion places are dead or move really slowly, and there just… aren’t libraries for things. i was looking for something like colorio to help me implement a certain part of my discord bot, but nothing like this exists. i guess no color scientists care about ruby. (if anyone has any suggestions, please let me know.)